5 Reasons Why I Chose to Roast Coffee

At this point it is reasonable and safe to say that you have noticed the effort put into our social media marketing and online presence. It might even be safe to assume that I am putting far too much time into developing an online presence and building a brand…at times I would often agree! In this pursuit I’ve noticed that a lot of people have gotten into coffee roasting and then gotten out of coffee roasting… a lot of social media accounts with their most previous activity being 7 months ago, accompanied by a link in their profile that leads back to an Error 404 page. It didn’t seem worth the time investment to delve deeper, as that particular brand/company didn’t care enough to market themselves and more-than-likely left the industry/passion. Naturally my mind wanders. Did they think it was going to be easy? Is this their first time running something that wasn’t a spreadsheet? Or, is it a side business that could easily be discarded (I definitely can’t ascribe to that... as even an initial investment into starting a coffee roasting company is on par with buying a new car, with cash)? That being said my ultimate assumption is that they chose going into this craft for the wrong reasons, so here is why I decided to take that leap.

  1. Community


I love the community that is involved with coffee. The coffee house vibe is certainly one of a kind. Each coffee house has a different feel, a different atmosphere which is formed by its special place in the world. The attitude of the barista, manager, owner all influencing their patrons, forming a one of a kind dynamic that is inimitable. This attitude carries over to roasters too. It stains (positively) their pedigree. For those reading this whom came from the culinary industry, it is the same as a cook heralding the chefs they had previously worked for. This is reluctant in the attitude, demeanor and often time’s skill level. It is a beautiful thing!


2. My Culinary career

Having spent the majority of my adolescent and adult years as a cook and professional chef, I was determined to do something that involved gestation and the application of heat to a raw product with the intent of influencing its finished state. Passion, quality, attention to detail, flavor profile, palate development, determination and grit are all characteristics that are born in the culinary world. Having worked for some of (what I to believe) the best chefs in the world, I couldn’t just let those characteristics die. Making the decision to become a coffee roaster that much easier. The culinary industry, most notably at the higher end is highly competitive and militaristic in nature. This breeds excellence and an individual that would fare well in business. 

3. Addictions

…I recently tweeted about this… My goal is not to go too deep into this reason. This topic tends to get heady and heavy for many. I am definitely not qualified to give advice on this subject, but you can rest assured that I am well versed in the feelings of the grip of addiction. That being said, accepting a caffeine addiction over any other is desirable. So what better way to prevent other addiction than to dive deep into this one and find the beauty in it? Blends, distinct roast profiles, diverse varietals, single origin lots, even single producer lots…all of them chock full of beautiful beautiful caffeine… ☺ 

4. Craftsmanship


This one almost seems like a no-brainer, but is often confused. If you made it this far through the post you noticed that I was a professional chef. And I’m sure you think that makes me an artist? Wrong. At least it’s wrong for me. A chef is a craftsman. As a cook and chef you are creating with your mind and hands. Not just once, as an artist would. But, for tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people. The same dish, over and over again. Your goal is uniformity, breeding a desirable obsessive-compulsive type mentality. This, is craftsmanship. And it is beautiful. As a coffee roaster, you will have those times of development. The majority of your time will be spent reproducing that roast and adjusting roast profiles and techniques to match a standard flavor profile from a variable batch of coffee… it’s an OCD nightmare. But this is where skill and craftsmanship is born. It’s a sick addiction… please see above.


5. Business

The pursuit, the hunt, the kill. Competition has become so feared today. And why? If a product or service can stand alone, how can you fear selling (a core competency of business)? If a patron has not had the product or service previously, and they didn’t know they needed or wanted it how is it hard to show them that they needed or wanted your product or service. But what is even deeper than this is that I came to realize my lot in life is to serve others, make people happy and to spread love. These three traits/activities make me happiest, it is what I MUST do to sleep at night. Many of my happiest moments in life have happened as a result of and/or with coffee. My purpose and goal would then be to help you feel that for yourself.

The goal of this post, as with any other post is with the hope that you took something from it. Don’t get it twisted. This is only what helped me make the decision to open a coffee roasting business. And very little into the feelings of the start-up. Those characteristics can often become paralyzing. The lack of knowledge during the start-up will cause self-doubt, a form of poison. Truthfully, I could’ve written 20 reasons why I chose this…but really, you wouldn’t have read it at 20 reasons! Thank you for taking precious time out of your day to read this! I truly appreciate it. Please follow us on social media and check out the website! Take care, and I hope for the opportunity to serve you soon.