The City Roasters Blog, what this is about.



This blog is intended to be more than just about coffee. If you’ve read more than one entry, I'm certain you’ve deduced that. You can see its actually (well...currently) less to do about coffee than it is a collection of stories inspiring an action that will be reflected within the organization. Is that not the actual function of coffee? 

On my roughest days, hitting that snooze 4 times, knowing that the only way I’m going to make it into the shower is through the aromatic promise of a fresh cup of coffee awaiting my exit. That sweet, often dark, highly consumed seed of a fruit we call coffee is a motivator. It tends to not be a conversation piece but rather to motivate and inspire thought; creating conversation, philosophical thought, and art. Think about it. Without your morning coffee, do you truly feel like you can function at higher levels throughout the day? Perhaps, yes. Am I saying you will die without coffee? Absolutely not. But with it, you’re on fire. Owning the day, making it your bitch. 

And that is precisely why this blog will not be about the latest micro lot Ethiopian yerg to hit the shores… at least not all the time. But it will be, and is about the inspiration that coffee makes behind the scenes. The cool things that happen in the coffee world that make it and the world a better place to be. And I’m certain there will be stories of mishap and sadness and terrible life happenings…that’s just nature of the beast.

Not that it wont be, its that it can't be. I’ve been a student, professional chef, instructor, manager, partner, truck driver, U.S. Marine, consultant, writer and construction/demolition worker. To name a few. I’ve discovered so many interacting patterns in life. An amazing amount of skills intersect at different job and career fields. Applicability being so much wider than I would have ever imagined. Having one career for your entire life has to be boring. Diversity in thought and action create the spice and endurance in life. That being said, with my background and crazy thoughts, I am going to go off on tangents. I am going to go into the backend of starting City Roasters – Chicago. Maybe it will help you dodge a land mine in the future. And if nothing else, my hope is that it will inspire you to be fearless. Try something new, learn something by failure, and understand that this is your life to take control of. Your output depends on the work you put in, and only you can define your success.  

I would also love to hear from you. I love discussion. Mental stimulation. Challenge me to think, I’m certain there is a ton of shit you know, that I wont. Lets start a conversation and change the world....But first, coffee.