And then I asked myself...

…what was THE goal. Not just any goal. Not simply a daily or micro goal. THE goal. The goal to win them all. That one goal, once accomplished that created the culmination of all that we’ve worked for. The goal that once achieved, you knew you were successful.

And that goal is filled with doubt… more on this momentarily.

I felt ashamed that we are (were?) in start-up mode. I recently (the day of publishing) received an email that started with me. I had asked a colleague for an introduction. Not even a straight up referral, but an introduction. The response that I got was somewhat unexpected, somewhat lazy, but overall a subtle, “shot across the bow” that put some issues into perspective. The reality of the situations was that it was all on me. The perception of this colleague was such that the response was almost warranted…the toughest pill to swallow. I thought…was I rushing things (like I usually do)? Was I talented enough? Should I give a solid F about a subtle reprisal that I could be too early in approaching this specific market segment? After all, this person doesn’t know the entirety of my business… But more importantly, do I even rate to doubt myself and not bet on my own performance and hard work? Is it my own insecurity seeking legitimacy? More than likely, I took it too personally. But, how could I not? We’re talking about my baby here…back to basics.

What was the goal? Our goal. What are we working toward. Oddly, the next email received (about 7 minutes later) was from an Instagram influencer asking for the general direction of the business to help better inspire them with their creative. Serendipitous? I think so. And so I feel it fitting to provide that goal. Not simply for my justification, but maybe to inspire someone else. Maybe if I send our goals out into the world, it will help someone else looking to start their own coffee manufacturing company. I think their well thought out, perpetual and slightly motivational? I don’t know, but I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments section.


The City’s Coffee…

The City’s Coffee…

To provide the city with unpretentious specialty coffee, not only for the city dweller but also for the suburbanite. We seek to be the city’s coffee (inclusively). To embed ourselves within the community, embody it, keep it running and caffeinated, while impacting it and the world socially (through giving and outreach programs (see that blog post here)).


Have I forgotten my WHY? Sometimes I wonder. WE get so damn busy in the daily operation that the macro motivation gets lost in the sauce. Seeing how the, ”sausage is made” leads me to believe in our process. Not balancing that with outside influence introduces doubt. Doubt is poison. It isn’t productive. And so, I think I’ll resolve to leave that shit in 2018 and double down on hustle and grind in 2019.

I think having written down our goals again and sharing it with you is good therapy. So, thank you for joining me in that. If it’s you in a similar position, remember one thing. Trust your gut. Having done so all year, I can tell you that my gut has taken this business very far within the context of less than one year… but that blog post is coming up…

Are you a small business owner? How do you keep your goals and motivation front of mind? I’d love to hear it.