Timor-Leste Dark Roast


Timor-Leste Dark Roast

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The Indonesian Country of Timor-East (Leste) is having an amazing year! Similar to the fantastic batch of Papua New Guinea we had earlier this year, Timor-Leste is producing a delicious coffee! Medium body, lemon, cocoa and dark chocolate are all accentuated with the dark roast profile. This would be perfect with a lemon loaf, key lime pie (or cheesecake), and any chocolate dessert!

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Origin: Timor-Leste

Grower: Coopertiva Café Timor (CCT)

Region: Ainaro, Ermera and Lequisa

Varietal: Timor Hybrid & Bourbon

Altitude: 800-1,600 Meters

Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun

Certifications: Fair Trade Certified, Organic grower

Soil: Volcanic loam